ZTech4’s Offerings


ReVolt Battery Exchange – Battery Recycling and Sales operation. A bricks and mortar business franchise-like offering that buys dead batteries for little cost, uses Revolt Research’s revolutionary new technology, the AuGoose systems, to recondition the batteries then sells the reconditioned batteries for a profit as well as selling new batteries. It also takes in scrap batteries which can be sold for profit as well. Environmentally popular (don’t recycle, re-use) and profitable. Franchise and investment possibilities exist. Click here for more information.



Revolt Research – Maker’s of the original Revolt3000 system and the new Revolt Pro-S1 (consumer model) and AuGoose model (used exclusively in the successful Revolt Battery Exchange recycling store operations). Investment opportunity – contact us.
PipeDream – A LAMP software-based Business Control system for small to medium-size manufacturers that manages most of the enterprise’s needs from sales and marketing, production, inventory to shipping, and technical support. Purchase and Investment opportunity call us at 775-525-6868 for more information.