The code.

What if you could control the software that controls your business? We mean really control it! For example, control how much it costs you, control how often you have to update it, or control EXACTLY what it does for you – we mean everything! 


Well you might ask, “don’t I need the source code for that?” Yes, you do. Then you might ask, don’t I need to be a programmer for that? No you don’t.  Not anymore than you need to be a plumber to enjoy the benefits of owning your own plumbing in your own building. With PipeDream, you can get the code!


The platform.

The PipeDream system is built on a selection of free, open source, software and tools called a LAMP platform.  This stands for Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP. You don’t need to know what that means but understand that LAMP programmers are everywhere in the world, it is a very common system and has been around for more than a decade.  And many small changes can be done by someone who is just computer savvy and not necessarily a programmer.


The best part is that LAMP all Free Open Source Software. This means that no pounds of flesh must ever be paid to the operating system and database creators. Nor are your updates controlled and forced on you. It also doesn’t require the latest and fastest hardware to serve 10 or more users.


What it can do.

PipeDream is a web-based system (you only need FireFox or Chrome browsers – works with Android phones also) that let’s you:

  • manage leads
  • track marketing campaign success
  • prepare quotes
  • create invoices
  • issue and handle RMAs
  • create purchase orders
  • receive payments
  • receive shipments into inventory
  • build products and track the progress
  • ship products with tracking
  • track serial numbers
  • track sales status
  • update/attach photos , descriptions and pricing that automatically can go to your customer facing website based on WordPress.

PipeDream can integrate with QuikBooks or other accounting systems. And so much more, but best of all, changing it to meet your exact needs is both feasible and affordable! 


How to use it.

Pipedream can run on a windows workstation in your office, on it’s own machine or in the cloud.


Since PipeDream is all web based, you can run it from your phone, your ipad, your desk or anywhere in the world with a compatible browser like Firefox or Chrome. So nothing special needs to be installed on any of your workstations.


The Business Flow.

PipeDream is designed around a business flow: A lead becomes a customer -> A customer may want quotes -> quotes can become orders, orders require approval (accounting) and allocation (production) -> Once it is allocated and approved it can be shipped -> Once it’s shipped it becomes a sale.


The cost.

PipeDream has been in use by the developing company since 2009. However, it is currently being offered as a beta to other companies to test and adjust fit and function. In this phase, PipeDream itself is free, but labor to install, migrate, adjust, train and support is not.

You would have unlimited use within your business but may not distribute or sell PipeDream.


2016-03-04 12_55_19-ZT4 PipeDream V5.3


2016-03-04 15_00_47-New Quote_Order
2016-03-04 15_04_17-Search_Update
2016-03-04 15_06_58-Approve Transaction
2016-03-04 15_36_29-Allocate_Ship 224455
2016-03-04 15_36_29-Allocate_Ship 224455
2016-03-04 15_39_05-Allocate_Ship
2016-03-04 15_40_31-Customer Log
2016-03-04 15_43_31-Vendor Maintenance


ZTech4 is presently seeking Investors/Partners and testers for PipeDream.  Contact us (use tab at top of page) for more information.